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The Barren Circle Chapter 
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Ok, so here's my army list as far as I've pieced together so far. First is the army's Fluff. Technically it's a space marine chapter, but it features Imp guard so heavily that I figure it fits on this site.

The Barren Circle

The Shining Circle chapter of the Adeptus Astartus, dressed in the bright yellow and red colors of their power armor, left it's fortress planet and deployed to the hive world of Relictus in order to defend it from an Ork invasion force. The Chapter was originally tasked to hold the hive cities against the hordes until newly raised regiments of the guard could be transported to take over the defense of the main lines, at which point The Shining Circle marines would be used in more targeted strikes against Ork forces. Unfortunately, during transport of the new guard regiments, the Cicatrix Maledictum occurred. With their promised reinforcements lost to the warp, their communications to the rest of the Imperium silenced, and the Ork invasion unabated, The Circle had little choice but to dutifully eradicate the xenos threat from the face of Relictus.
Led by Chapter Master Phenx, The Shining Circle not only held the line, but sallied forth from the hive cities in great assaults that burnt swathes of the planet to ash, ensuring there was no ground on which the foul Ork seed might find purchase. The conflict raged for what seemed like an eternity, until finally the Ork forces were decimated or entirely feral, and the Circle stood victorious though greatly diminished in strength. Similarly, the population of the planet suffered massive casualties, but with many of the hive cities still remaining in Imperial control.
Chapter Master Phenx set about aiding the surviving citizens of the Imperium until communication could be reestablished. This task was easier than he expected. During the conflict nearly every citizen old enough to hold a weapon had been press ganged in to service, and fighting alongside the brothers of The Circle had instilled in the population overwhelming awe and respect. The population followed every command, and even took extra hardships upon themselves when they felt they might be able to repay the marines in even the slightest way.
Eventually communications returned, and The Shining Circle Chapter learned that their fortress world had been engulfed by the great rift itself, lost to imperial control for the foreseeable future. With their fortress world lost to them, their tithed gene-seed count being negligible, and their companies well below fighting strength, Phenx began to consider requesting the disbandment and re-assignment of his brothers. Rumors spread through the population of the planet, until the man who had commanded Relictus' militias came to Phenx with a proposition.
Planetary Commander Frederick Knotsun had become the most recent planetary leader of Relictus' militia forces. His command of the native population had impressed Phenx, and the two had become as close to equal as a militia officer could be to an Adeptus Astartes Chapter Master. There were many confrontations with the Orks that did not involve a single brother of The Shining Circle. In these battles, Knotsun, his command staff, and their dedicated soldiers, defending their homes from the green scourge, held their ground and gave as good as they got. Many of the brothers of The Circle had found themselves surprised at the commitment of the natives, and felt that without the assistance of the native population there would be no brothers left to disband.
Knotsun proposed that the entire surviving population of Relictus swear themselves as Chapter Serfs. Taking that title, they would fall under the direct command of The Shining Circle Chapter, and Phenx and the other Circle brothers could use them to bolster the Circle numbers in combat until The Shining Circle could accept enough aspirants to return to their full strength. Knotsun also pointed out that, with not a single living citizen of Relictus left, the planet; burned, barren, and still plagued by scattered tribes of feral Orks, might be of little enough use that the Imperium might grant it as The Shining Circle's new Chapter planet
Phenx expressed to Knotsun what such an act would mean for not only the Imperial citizens, but for their descendants. Knotsun claimed that the population understood. Chapter Master Phenx found himself once again struck by the dedication of the every day citizen of the Imperium as he presided over the mass swearing in of an entire planet's denizens.
Using their combat experience during the defense of their home world to his advantage, Phenx kept the entire population organized in their military units, bonding the soldiers to each other as well as to the military mindset. Phenx prepared the surviving population of Relictus for their new lives as soldiers, mechanics, construction crew, janitors, and scribes to the Chapter,
The Chapter Master had just one more act before he felt ready to take his new and unorthodox chapter back to the stars to fight the foes of the Imperium. In honor of the new organization, the sacrifice of the natives, and their new ashen home world, The Shining Circle changed their name and colors. From now on the Chapter would be seen standing in Gray, Black, and Burnt Orange armor, and they would be known as The Barren Circle.


As far as I can tell, this list ends up at 998 points, providing me with 7 CPs, and an unknown number of PP (I haven't totaled that up yet, though I imagine running it with PP will put me at a disadvantage (since I took cheaper unit options to save points but the same options don't effect PP value.)

2 detachments – Battalion and Vanguard

3 HQ = 168
Space Marine Captain – 76
-w/ plasma pistol – 7
-w/ power fist – 20
total = 103

Company Commander 1
– 30
-w/ plasma pistol – 5
total = 35

Company Commander 2 – 30
total = 30

3 Troop = 163
Infantry Squad 1 – 40
1 w/ flamer – 7
Total = 47

Infantry Squad 2 – 40
1 w/ flamer – 7
Total = 47

Militarum Tempestus Scions
x5 - 45
-2 w/ melta guns – 24
Total = 69

9 Elites = 397
Apothecary – 55
total = 55

Command Squad – 24
-1 w/ flamer – 7
-1 w/ heavy flamer – 17
-1 w/ regimental standard – 5
-1 w/ medi-pack – 10
total = 63

Eversore Assassin – 70

Special Weapon Squad 1 – 24
3 w/ plasma guns – 21
Total = 45

Special Weapon Squad 2
– 24
3 w/ meltaguns – 36
Total = 60

Commissar 1
– 30
-w/ power fist – 10
Total = 40

Commissar 2 – 30
-w/ power sword – 4
Total = 34

Commissar 3
– 30
Total = 30

1 Heavy Support
= 270
Devastator Squad – 65
-4 w/ Lascannon – 100
-1 cherub – 5
Total = 170

Basalisk – 100
Total = 100

Total Cost = 998

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This image is a flat color example of the general paint scheme of the marines, with the same general scheme extended to the guard units.


This image is the Chapter insignia, a divided version of the insignia they used as the Shining Circle.


This is their original color scheme when they were the Shining Circle.

Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:57 am
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