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2000pts, IG Mechanized/Armored VS Blood Angels 
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My first real game in years, and boy was I rusty.

I've posted my army list in the army list section.

I'm not good at remembering taking pics, so this is the only image you'll get. My opponent, Damon, gets the first turn moves the one unit he had deployed from the start; a Mastodon.

The Mastodon is a huge transport, T9, W30 and a 2+ save, as well as void shields (4+ or maybe 5+ invul save, IIRC). It held most of his units, save for a squad of jumping marines that deployed via deepstrike with [insert character name] on turn one.
His Mastodon also had lots of guns, even though most were not present on the model - a melta array, two las cannons, some flamers and a sky fire array.

He rightfully assumed I would not be able to kill it on turn one and kept his troops inside it. The melta array was not in range of anything (just 12" range), but the skyfire-thing wiped out my las cannon squad on turn one, and his las cannons scored some wounds on my two Vanquishers. Note to self: cover totally doesn't work like before, and that was not a smart place to deploy my las cannons!
His jump marines came in 9" from my command tank (the regular command tank, not Pask), and by rolling 9 on their charge dice they were able to assault it, scoring quite a few wounds.

My turn one: I moved my mechanized squads up either flank, and advanced my Leman Russ squadron (they deploy as a unit, but function as separate vehicled once the game starts).
The command Vanquisher backed away from his jump marines, so I could shoot at them.

Pask's Vanquisher fired at the Mastodon, to no effect. I set a trend early on for rolling ones when firing my main guns, and getting lots of hits with my pintle and coaxial stubbers and bolters.
Two Leman Russes fired at his jump marines, but to little effect. I think I killed one or two. The Hellhound did the same, again ineffectively. My platoon command squad had advanced around the corner into firing range of the Mastodon with their melta guns, but failed to wound it. Some other stuff fired too, but the net result of my first turn was a couple dead jump marines, and not a single wound scored on the Mastodon.

His turn two, and the mastodon disgorged two barebones tactical squads out its ass before moving, and puked a third squad out of its front hatch after moving up.
The jump marines and [character name] pursued my command tank.
The two tactical squads moved to my left flank, towards a disembarked infantry squad (the one with the missile launcher) and their chimera.
I don't remember exactly if it was now or next turn, but the Mastodon wiped out Pask with its frontal melta array. Nevertheless; Pask dindu nuthin' the whole game.
The third tac squad assaulted my platoon commander, who was now an inch ahead of his command squad. He killed one with his power sword.
The jumping marines inflicted a few more wounds to my command tank, but over all were not as effective as I had feared.
One of the tac squads made it into combat with my infantry squad on my left flank, and the other charged their chimera.

My turn two, and the remaining command tank backed out of combat with the assault marines again, leaving them open. The platoon command squad had taken some casualties, and were down to two veterans with melta guns, but they stood their ground and were not locked in combat, unlike the platoon commander.
I moved them back, so they could help wipe out the assault marines and [character].
Shooting: two of my battle tanks engaged Damon's assault marines, but left two alive. The Hellhound finished them, leaving [character] alone and vulnerable. My two remaining command squad veterans turned him into sludge with their melta guns. Huzzah!
The lone platoon commander, locked in combat with a tac squad, fired his plasma pistol on full power and killed himself, leaving the tac squad he was fighting in the open. Very honorable.
A few of them fell prey to the command squad's chimera, armed with a hull heavy flamer.
Again, no wounds were successfully inflicted on the Mastodon.

Turn three, and the Mastodon turned left (my right) on the main road, placing a building between it and the melta veterans. A further two squads disembarked from its front hatch. I don't know exactly what they were, but they all had combi-meltas.
The remaining tac marines gunned down the last two command squad veterans, and the Mastodon deleted their chimera.
One of the combimelta-squads almost annihilated a Leman Russ, while the Mastodon damaged another.
On my left flank, one tac squad wiped out the remaining guardsmen in the squad they were enganged in, while the other kept making clawmarks on a chimera.

My turn three, and the chimera locked in combat with the tac squad had finally had enough and disengaged, moving at full speed up behind the Earthshaker sandbag position (purely a terrain piece, btw). The chimera that had belonged to the lascannon squad engaged one of the tac squads and killed one. They were now down to 4 each, from 5 at the beginning.
Down the middle, I pulled the wounded command tank (3 wounds left) back towards the left, and parked it side by side with my Hellhound (which barely moved the whole game, so you have some idea of where), while the remaining Russes reversed towards my right, out of melta range. Two infantry squads had also disembarked from their chimeras and formed a firing line. All three battle tanks, the hydra, the two chimeras and the dismounted infantry opened fire on the combimelta-marines.

Turn four, and a Librarian and a remaining tac marine advanced towards my Hellhound and gravely wounded command tank.
The Mastodon moved up towards my gun line on the right flank. I don't remember exactly what killed what, but all remaining Russ battletanks died, the Hydra died and the Hellhound died and exploded, taking with it my command vanquisher, a lone remaining tac marine, and a full health Librarian in terminator armor. Exploding tanks are no joke in 8th edition!
The two 4-man tac squads on the left flank locked the heavy weapon team's chimera in combat, with the models placed in such a way that it could not escape. They stayed that way for the remainder of the game.

On my last turn (4 or maybe 5?) I inflicted some more wounds on the Mastodon, mainly with massed chimera fire, lasgun and heavy bolter volleys. The small arms did what the Vanquishers couldn't, and in the end it had lost 7 out of 30 wounds.

Conclusion: Things could have been different if I hadn't derped and deployed my las cannon squad where they got wiped out in turn one. They could have done some good VS that Mastodon. Same with the Vanquishers, though at least they got to fire off a few rounds - it was just the dice that screwed me there.
The Hydra was utterly useless, even though it lived through most of the game. But then again, for all I knew Damon could have fielded a flyer.
Heavy bolters - I love heavy bolters in 8th edition. They actually do some good even against marines, by reducing their armor save by 1.
Chimeras are tougher nuts to crack now than before, but for the points cost their firepower leaves something to be desired. Maybe Pig Trucks would be a better option for me? I'm sure I could convert them to look almost like a SdKfz251 half tracks or something (or more realistically; I would start the project and then leave them unfinished for years...)

The Mastodon was a tough nut to crack. Too tough, in fact. I knew he had one, but didn't think he'd actually field it. Maybe I should have taken my Shadowsword?
Other than that, most of his units appeared to be easier to kill than before, now that weapons which previously had insuficient AP to do anything are actually quite capable for the points they cost; like heavy bolters.

Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:14 pm

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I can't say bringing a Mastadon to a friendly game against an opponent that is both rusty and using a new ruleset is overly sporting. In fact I would say both of you should leave the super heavies out until you are fully familiar with everything.
Remember that Hydras get their bonus against anything with Fly. This includes Assault Marines and other jerks with jetpacks. Also, Assault Marines aren't actually all that scary, don't waste much on them.
Unless the Mastadon had a special rule he should not have dropped all those tac squads after moving.
I have also found Chims to be less than stellar at their old fire support job. I didn't even think of the piggies, maybe I should consider them. But, Valks are an option too mind, and a Vendetta would have been huge against that Mastadon.
Vanquishers aren't that great at the moment as you just saw. There are a couple things that could buff them to help out and the Imperial Armor version is slightly superior.

Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:44 pm

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I don't really mind that he used the Mastodon. We've always been very liberal when it comes to special units like that.
Had no idea the assault marines count as flying. Maybe I should have tried to engage them more with the Hydra.

I just asked him to order the new Imperial Armor for me (I get discounts as I donated a bunch of terrain that was gathering cobwebs in my basement), and I see there's a chimera variant there with an auto cannon. I still don't think that puts it on par with the piggies, but if I can just upgrade the models I have rather than buying new ones, I'll take it.

Valks; I have one, actually. The old FW model from before GW released the current plastic kit. I may start using it with a squad of Storm Troopers, or whatever they're called now. Are they even in the index? I still try to keep most of my army on the ground and on tracks though, even if it's a bit of a gimmick.

Vanqs; yeah, I haven't done the math but the hull lascannon might be better than the main gun now... But do tell me more of the Imperial Armor version!

Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:59 am

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Stormies are the Tempestus Scions now.
Its cannon gets a plus 1 bonus to hit if it hold still that turn, if you shoot something with its 24" coxial stormbolter you also get a reroll on hits on that same target.
Unrelated, but Conquerers get the coaxial reroll too, do the same profile as a regular battlecannon but shorter range so if you are looking at regular Russes, well, why not?

Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:15 am
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