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The Sardus Reclamation: Logistics 
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Captain Mike wrote:
A regiment per front seems waaaay too small? Although narratively I want to have most regiments on a front from the same planets.

Not per front, per objective. The assumption is to secure an objective (town w/the relic silo or StS fort) with sudden strike, turn it into a fortress/beachhead, and hold off local counterattacks - intel suggests opposition at that phase would be mostly garrison survivors and local cultists, something dug in guardsmen should be fully capable of handling.

As far as number of regiments per front goes, a XX century rule of thumb is division (3-5 regiments) gets no more than 10 kilometers of the frontline.

Also, please, when it starts do remember to post the course of campaign.

The correct answer is: This is our job.

Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:09 am

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Makoto wrote:

As far as number of regiments per front goes, a XX century rule of thumb is division (3-5 regiments) gets no more than 10 kilometers of the frontline.

Also, please, when it starts do remember to post the course of campaign.

Ping! That's a great guide, thank you. Do you know the source? I may mine it for more. And of course, we will do.

Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:15 am
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Captain Mike wrote:
So operational parameters refined;

Primary Objectives:
- Seek and recover relic silos
- cleanse and re-consecrate all land and buildings
- de-populate and the re-populate planet with religious colonists.

- Entire planet is hostile environment. Self sustained internal environments needed.
- Local Nurglified population may provide some data as to the nature of diseases present. Retain some for experiments
- some areas are known as free of silos, meaning orbital strikes can be used (these will likely be used to speed up the mechanised advance of the Northern army)
- enemy force strength and resources unknown, but there were over 4billion pilgrims and shrine staff before the Rift cut off Sardus.

Imperial Intelligence Gaps
- Nurgle Sardus has suffered multiple Tzeentch invasions, resulting in a more experienced armies than expected.
- Nurgle Sardus has been heavily industrialised after the civil wars.

Ok. I am a big advocate for LARGE scale, 40K is all about taking it to 11, but to me the number that GW put up just dont fit the setting they have built.

*Do the Imperial have Space Marine forces?
For an invasion of a shrine world, I could expect some Marine support in the range of 1-2 companies per Chapter depending on the distance to said world and ongoing conflicts in the greater sector.

*Do the Imperials have Sister of battle forces?
As a shrine world, I would find it highly likely that the Sororitas would be involved heavily. Depending again on the state of wars being conducted in the sector and distance to the nearest Convent. In this instance, I would say that an entire Order Militant would be mobilised to take the planet. Numbers would be in the low thousands

*Are the Imperials supported heavily by the Mechanicum?
This is tricky, as a shrine world it would most likely mean that the re-conquest is being heavily influenced by the Ecclesiarchy and they have cold relations to the Mechanicum at the best of times. If there is a presence are they bringing the god machines of the Collegia Titanica? If yes then the size of the forces supporting said Titans would depend on the size of the Legio that is deployed. I would say no more than a demi-legio (7-21 machines), supported by about 5-10 Skitarii Legions. This, of course, will again depend on the distance to the nearest Forgeworld and sector commitments of said world.

I'm just going to assume that the Imperial forces will be supported by the Ecclesiarchy. As such I would say that a large number of pilgrim war hosts will be present. Numbers would depend on the ability of the Navy to transport them but I would say 100,000 plus would be the low end of the scale.

These guys are gonna be around, and due to the nature of the foe, I would say that both the Ordo Malleus and Hereticus will be present. As for forces, they would be fairly small, elite acolyte bands and some Inducted storm trooper-Esq forces. Numbers would be in the hundreds, possibly thousands.

*Are the Imperials supported by the Grey Knights?
Due to Chaos being the enemy and the likelihood that deamonic forces will be present it would not be surprising to see Grey Knight involvement. Numbers would be in the low hundreds.

*Imperial Navy Aeronautica forces.
The Navy will play a huge role in this and their numbers will coincide with it. Dozens of squadrons of fighters/bombers/transports/dropships will be required. numbers would range into the 10s of thousands of aircraft and hundreds of thousands of personnel up to millions of aircraft and 10s of millions of personnel

* the Departmento Munitorium engineer/labour corps
due to the hazardous environment that the war will be fought in, these guys will be the difference between life and death. Numbers would be in the high 100s of thousands or lmillions.

*The Imperial Guard.
Well, now we get down to the big numbers. to really get a feel on what kind of force would be raised to fight in this war we need to look at your sector. How many Inhabited planets are with 10 light years of Sardus? The standard response would be to have those worlds raise Tithes of men to fight. This tithe is 10% of the worlds standing military forces (on average), now this is where I find GW's ability to handle numbers falls down completely. Our world has a population of 7.5 Billion, our armed forces including reserves are roughly around 50 million (only 0.6% of our population). We would raise 500 thousand guardsmen in a single tithe and we are hardly what would be classified as a military world in the 40k setting. Now think about Hive worlds ( one of the most common worlds in the Imperium) that have populations in the 10s of billions or even hundreds of billions. A single Hiveworld of say 30 billion with a military of 0.6% would tithe 180 million guardsmen! Now think of some of the worlds we know of, Armaggedon, Necromunda, both of these worlds would easily have militaries of more than 0.6%. Necromunda has an estimated population of 100 billion, at even 5% of that being militarised we get a tithe of 5 billion!

So what you need to look at is: What is the population of your sector in a 10 light year radius of Sardus? Work out what 0.6% of that number is and that will give you a very (and I mean VERY) low-end number of guardsmen that will be available to participate in your invasion.

As to what kind of number I would put on it, well I would say at least hundreds of millions to a Billion.

*Imperial Navy.
The size of these guys will depend on the amount of troops you are using. In general, a sector consists of about 50-75 capital ships and multiple escort squadrons. To support your invasion I would expect at least 5 capital ships, and at least as many escort squadrons.

*Merchant Navy
These guys will be hauling your troops, depending on whether you will be conducting multiple waves or massing for an all out assault will determine the numbers of vessels. troop transports have been shown to carry from between a few thousand to tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands when you bring mass conveyors into the picture. For an invasion of this size, I would expect hundreds of these vessels, tens of thousands if the all out assault option is taken.

Well that will do for me tonight.

Cheers Cuthbo

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Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:29 pm
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