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The Sardus Reclamation 
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Subtitle: Anything you can do I can do smaller, anything you can do I can do smaller than you...

A friend and I have started work on models, terrain, fluff and rules for the retaking of the shrine world Sardus from Nurgle forces. It's a project that's spanned a few years (with no games!!) but with a catch;

It's all pocket40k. 6mm epic (and Vanguard miniatures) models, with scaled down measurements. We figured we could do a much more immersive and plot heavy campaign if we could get whole new armies and landscapes for just £50 or so a go.

The first battle of the Sardus Reclamation we want to play out is the Battle of the Spine. The Spine was a fortress-mountain complex that houses considerable anti-orbital and anti-air capabilities. It was designed to protect the Shrine City of Ulstoriam, as Ulstoriam itself had no defenses and the Ulstor flats would have been a perfect staging place for any invading army.* Any landing of Imperial Guard near it would have been suicidal, resulting in the Cobalt Raptors Space Marine chapters deploying nearly their full strength to launch a rapid orbital strike against the complex. Once down, they would fight a gruelling, weeks long battle against the Spineguard, a Nurgle force that turned out to be much better trained than the Imperials had expected. Cut off from support and embroiled in a much longer campaign than expected, this front of the Sutaris Reclamation came perilously close to failing at the first objective...

*Saint Ulstor was renowned for uniting the entire Sutaris Sector via diplomacy, making him one of the few non-military Imperial saints.

So! We have a big fortress/mountain complex owned by Nurgle but based off of Imperial tech. And a band of vainglorious Space Marines trying to take it. Enjoy what I have so far!

One nurglified planetary defense laser

A collection of terrain pieces, with some Cobalt Raptors taking an explore.


And some of the boys in blue themselves. The models are from Vanguard minis, who are frankly fantastic.

3 combi-plasma sergeants (so glad I made these given the new rules!!)

And a slightly blurry army shot. It's hard to capture models this small.

As you can see a lot is done. If you want close ups of any models let me know. The friend is currently working on the spineguard, but Vanguard only recently brought out "Tainted" models, so it's a slow progress.

Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:29 pm
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I struggle to paint in 28mm scale. This is very cool and would make me completely crazy.

Legio Patria Nostra! Armor forever!

Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:32 pm

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Semper, painting 6mm can be surprisingly easy. It's all about the scheme. Unfortunately my mate invented this one and it's a ******* to paint!!

Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:59 pm
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That's actually pretty awesome, what's the scale measurement you use for movement? Like how for 40k its 6 inches movement, is it scaled down to centimeters or something?

Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:38 am

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Dev we just multiply everything by 0.21. The guys at Pocket40k made some measurement rulers for anyone to use.

You can find all their stuff here:

Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:19 pm
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