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Starship Troopers CGI movie 
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Showing on Aug 21. Link below: ... or-of-mars

Am not affiliated. Just a fan. Saw the 2012 CGI and it was good. This promises to be a good one too if both Casper van Dien and Dina Meyer have signed on.

Also talk about a live-action reboot that's gonna be closer to the novel than the original. CvD and co. aren't involved with it. I remain hopeful. The old Japanese OVA is awesome for trying to remain close to the plot of the novel.

Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:01 am
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My main contact point with Starship Troopers was the CGI series that totally resembled Max Steel and they used closed suits, then I watched the movies, where they where more like Guardsmen.... Well, it seems nice!

Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:43 am
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One way to find out. And (maybe) it'll spark some interest in the tabletop or RPG again.

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Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:37 pm
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The book was awesome. Really helped me process a lot of what was going through my head while I was in basic training (and I was reading it under my bunk because we weren't allowed to have books during basic. :P

The old animated tv show was AWESOME. I'd wake up at 4 am when I was elementary school aged to be up in time to watch it every morning. It's just a bummer it got canceled after they started but before finishing the bugs' invasion of earth.

The original movie was also awesome but for entirely different and satirical reasons. (2 and 3 were varying levels of awesome depending on how much you like just..... terrible movies)

The first CGI movie was pretty good in a more serious way, but sort of failed to do anything really interesting.

I don't know if CVD being signed to it is any sign of quality for me. The man isn't drastically bad, but he's made some DRASTICALLY bad movies. (If you're trying to watch a funnily terrible movie you can probably pick a CVD film at random and chances are you'll get what you're looking for. However, I'm still gonna watch the new movie. Probably not in thesters cause I doubt it'll show anywhere near me, but certainly when it gets put online.

Also, if they make a true to book live action it has the potential to be amazing. The combat in that book is so non chalantly devestating. They just deploy miles apart and fan out across an entire continent and jet pack jump miles at a time calmly launching mini nukes at anything that looks like a valuable target while disintegrating any enemy troops that they happen to bump in to, and the whole time Rico is thinking about completely unrelated stuff. If they shoot it right it could be so surreal.

Never played the tabletop game. :P

Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:53 pm
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