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insanemachina's tactical speculations for 8th 
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Considering Index Imperium II is our equivalent of a codex as of now in early 8th until a proper codex is launched, let us give it some thought and context, imagine possible scenarios and evaluate our new strenghts and weaknesses on the new edition.

This guide will cover proper Astra Militarum and everything else that was once considered Imperial Guard, so the entries of the Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica and Adeptus Mechanicus units that have Astra Militarum keyword will all fall under the scrutiny of this.

I will do this by unit type (HQ, Elite, Troops, Fast Attack, Heavy, Superheavy, etc), generic first, then unique characters.

Let's get starter with our HQ choices:

Company Commander

First things first:
Orders are now hit or miss. If it's in range, it works, if not, no game. No longer are we tied to luck when issuing orders, and this chap has 2 of them per turn to any unit 6" or less, this range being modified up to 18" if voxcasters are used, but more on that later.

Important to notice he is now a Character, which means that he cannot join units but can't also be targeted if he's not the closest model (bear in mind that some weapons negate this letting the bearer target him at will), now the Command Squad is a separate unit that might tag along him or not, also meaning there's no more Look out, sir! to give him extra wounds.

Considering the new way points are dealt with, you buy him (in this case all his basic wargear that you would have to pay is actually 0 points) and then you pay for any wargear modifications you might desire.

One thing to consider about orders and keywords, though:
Vanilla Company Commander can be any Regiment you want, so if you are mixing regiments because you like the variety of models, you might aswell create a new regiment name, because if your Cadian Commander issues an order to a Catachan squad, they'd not benefit from it. If, on the other hand, models aside, you call them something else entirely like Orwelian 45th, a combined regiment that even though it comes from different places has been fighting besides each other for some reason for time enough to be renamed after a completely new place and respect each other, they now suddenly benefit from orders. This would not work for named Characters, which have their Regiment keyword already set (like Creed, Harker, etc.), which could not be mixed without this issue being raised, so if you intend to take full advantage of orders and wish to do so on an army that mixes models from different regiments, this is most likely your best option of Officer with Voice of Command.

Yeah, he hits and wounds on 3+ but seriously don't expect him to do very much, he's actually in the battlefield with the sole purpose of delivering orders and giving buffs to squads.

Being that his orders affect just Infantry <Regiment> units, then let's just consider that some units can't receive orders:
Rough Riders
Any vehicle
All Commissars
All Militarum Tempestus
All Militarum Auxilia
Officer of the Fleet
Techpriest Enginseer
Uriah Jacobus and Ministorum Priest
All Astra Telepathica and Scholastica Psykana

This means you should be very mindful of where you put your units, as you'll want to keep your <regiment> units in range, and unless you happen to have him 3" from any squad with a vox caster and have the units you want to issue orders to within 18" and also equipped with a vox caster, having any of the units above occupying space 6" or nearer of him is stealing space from an unit that could actually benefit from the orders, which some might consider incompetence and have the nearest commissar put a bolter round to your very thick skull.

On wargear, just take anything you have modelled already, honestly, I do not believe it makes that much of a difference, as you'd want to avoid having to use him to do any combat directly anyway. The bulk of his damage output is indirect, by making units survive more, shoot more, re-roll 1s, take a bonus round of close combat attacks at any time, etc.

His preferred target for orders in my view would be a massive Conscripts Squad (50 models if possible). Considering units can receive only 1 order per turn, it would be wise to have at least 2 units in range to receive orders so you don't waste his potential. I would suggest 2 50 men Conscript blobs, pair him with a Commissar to make them lose just 1 man per turn and keep on the heels of those lads as they pour havoc of lasgun shots (with FRFSRF, they'd get 4 shots per model, so these 2 squads would amount to 400 shots per turn, hitting 1 in 3), roughly 133 hits per turn statistically, maybe less, maybe more, odds are that with double the hits and now that almost no unit in the game is completely ignoring any other unit and lasguns actually do something, we'd be able to get a significant amount of actual wounds by the end of a turn. And that's why you need to keep him alive and near those troops, as Conscripts have no access to vox casters, you'll need to have him solid 6" behind them. That's the main problem with this, if your enemy has snipers or any other weapon that could directly target him, this strategy will be complicated to carry out without risk.

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On the regiment keywords...
A bit of cheese I have discovered is using Catachan as the regiment. Straken, a Priest, a Commissar, and a block of conscripts will not only tarpit for eternity but actually manage to put a hurt on the enemy. Add Harker, Rough Riders, ect. to flavor as he buffs and they benefit from the extra attacks.

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